“My father’s favorite place”… The son who scattered the ashes died there

A son has been found dead on a trip to scatter his father’s cremated ashes. It is believed that he died of heatstroke. According to foreign media such as BBC and CBS

on the 9th local time, James Bernard Hendricks (66) was found 안전놀이터dead in Arches National Park in Utah on the 1st. Previously, Hendricks had traveled to the American West to spread the ashes of his deceased father. He also posted his itinerary on social media , saying, ‘The last trip with my father’.

Then, on the 28th of last month, Hendricks wrote, “It’s my father’s favorite place,” and “I’m going to go to Arches National Park at dawn to take the best photos.”

However, at the end of this post, Hendricks did not post any more news, and on the 1st he was found dead in the national park.

National park officials found his vehicle inside the national park. His body was also found nearby.

“Hendricks was found with a bottle of water in his hand,” said the bereaved family.

“Hendrix’s final destination was to arrive in Reno, Nevada, where his father lived for a long time,” he said.

On this day, the highest temperature in the national park was a heat wave reaching 37.8 degrees Celsius. In particular, some areas within the national park are desert terrain without trees and shade, so it is estimated that the perceived temperature was higher.

Meanwhile, the United States has been recording record heat lately. So far, 64 people have died in the heatwave in Pima County, Arizona, 26 people in Clark County, Nevada, 11 people in Webb County, Texas, and 7 people in Harris County, Texas.

CNN reports that heat waves have killed more people in the United States this year than tornadoes and floods combined.

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