Naples Kim Min-jae “Please leave me alone” → ‘Dissatisfaction’ with the continuing EPL transfer rumors

An article came out saying that Kim Min-jae, who is active in Italian Serie A Napoli, complained. He is doing well at Naples, but he is said to have complained in the press about his English Premier League move.

On the 16th, Britain’s Daily Star published an article titled, ‘World Cup star planting is inconvenient due to league transfer rumors that Manchester United is interested in’.

The newspaper said Manchester United are considering a ‘raid’ on Napoli centre-back Kim Min-jae, but the Korean 토토사이트 World Cup star recently admitted he was ‘anxious’ about reports linking him to Old Trafford, home of Manchester United.

Kim Min-jae then admitted that Manchester United were “embarrassed” by reports regarding his Premier League move.

Following Manchester United, Tottenham, where Son Heung-min is playing, is said to be interested in it now, so Kim Min-jae has no choice but to be concerned

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Kim Min-jae quickly emerged as a target of interest from European soccer teams when he joined Napoli last summer. Through the Champions League he has attracted the attention of some of the biggest clubs in the Jungleup.

Perhaps that is why speculative articles surrounding Kim Min-jae have been pouring out, and it is interpreted that these things are making Kim Min-jae uncomfortable.

Kim Min-jae recently appeared on a TV program and said, “There are a lot of transfer stories around me, but it’s only been 6 months since I came to Naples.” brushed off

It is because of Harry Maguire’s sluggishness that Manchester United are interested in him. In a situation where the future of the team is in serious doubt because Maguire’s skills are not as good as before, Man United is looking for a new central defender, and Kim Min-jae is the perfect player.

So, in the upcoming January transfer market, Man Utd is considering Kim Min-jae as a target for recruitment.

In addition, Tottenham is also considering signing Kim Min-jae, but the British media predicts that Kim Min-jae’s national teammate is Son Heung-min, so if he is considering a transfer, he is likely to go to Tottenham, not Manchester United.

Moreover, Tottenham manager Antonio Conte is eager to sign a defender with a new talent. Kim Min-jae thinks he could be the perfect partner for central defender Cristian Romero.