‘New leader’ KIA-‘Kingdom of Catchers’ Samsung, Shall we solve the long-awaited desire in the home room?

A new head of the front has been appointed for a team whose catcher is a weakness. Just in time, the ‘Catcher Kingdom’ team, which is full of catcher resources, is about to become a full body. Awesome timing. Attention is focusing on whether the long-awaited discussion of the catcher trade between the two teams will be rekindled. 

The KIA Tigers officially appointed Shim Jae-hak (51) as the new general manager on the 8th. It has been about 40 days since Jang Jeong-seok (50), former general manager, was dismissed for misconduct at the end of March. With the appointment of a new head of the club front, attention is also focused on KIA’s power reorganization and reinforcement plan, which has been suspended for more than a month. 

In particular, attention is focused on strengthening the home room, which is considered a weakness of KIA. Currently, KIA is organizing a homeroom with Han Seung-taek (29) and Joo Hyo-sang (26), but they are not performing satisfactorily in karate. The batting average of the two players is low at 0.127, and the stealing rate of both players is 20%. For the KIA, which is aiming to advance to fall baseball for the second year in a row this season and beyond, it is urgent to reinforce the home. 

As a result, Samsung Lions, the ‘catcher kingdom’, is emerging again as a trade opponent for KIA. Samsung is a team that has three catchers with immediate sense of power, including Kang Min-ho (38), Kim Tae-gun (34), and Kim Jae-seong (27). However, the cards Samsung demanded were quite high, and the trade fever faded for a while as Kim Tae-gun and Kim Jae-seong left due to a rope injury at the beginning of the season.

However, with the recent return of Kim Tae-gun and the return of Kim Jae-seong, rumors of a catcher trade are rising again. In Samsung, the fourth catcher Lee Byung-hun (24) is making a name for himself in the first team, and promising catcher Kim Do-hwan (23) is about to be discharged in June. For Samsung, which has more than five catchers, there is no reason not to jump into the trade market. 

Rather, Samsung is only marginal. At the end of April, Kim Tae-hoon (31) was traded from Kiwoom Heroes, and the bullpen, which was a weakness, was slightly strengthened. It seems that it will take some time to find a card that fits Samsung’s eye level. 토토사이트

If KIA discusses a trade to strengthen its home, the opponent is likely to be Samsung. Now that the appointment of a new head of the front desk and the complete catcher kingdom of Samsung have coincided in time, now is the best time for a trade for the two teams aiming for fall baseball. 

At a senior press conference on the 9th, Shim Jae-hak, the new general manager of the KIA, said, “I know the story (catcher trade) well. But now it’s better to trust the players and motivate them.” He left the possibility open. 

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