Oh Se-hoon, who visited the site of sexual assault on a hiking trail in Gwanak-gu, “installed as many CCTV cameras as possible”

In connection with the recent incident of a violent assault안전놀이터 with a weapon and a sexual assault on a hiking trail in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has come up with a countermeasure to increase the number of artificial intelligence ( AI )-type closed-circuit ( CC ) TVs .

On the afternoon of the 18th, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon visited a hiking trail in Forest-dong, Gwanak-gu, and toured the scene of the sexual assault on the trail the previous day (17th). The day before, there was an incident where Mr. Choi (30) assaulted and raped woman A. Choi was arrested at the scene. After hearing an explanation of the incident from Gwanak Police Station Chief Park Min-yeong , Mayor Oh said

, “I feel responsible.” Mayor Oh, who looked at the current status of CCTV installations near the location of the incident, said that he would install artificial intelligence CCTVs , not simple recording CCTVs . Artificial intelligence CCTV automatically notifies the control center when a crime scene such as assault or theft is caught on the screen. Mayor Oh said, “(AI CCTV

etc.) We will do our best to introduce as many crime prevention designs as possible so that citizens can feel a little more at ease.” I’m thinking of making it and putting it into operation,” he added.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to expand the safety inspection of facility parks jointly with 25 autonomous districts and the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency to hiking trails. A banner will be installed at the entrance of the trail and guidance will be given to two or more people climbing the mountain together instead of hiking alone.

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