Park Bo-gyeom, ranked first for two days in a row even after receiving an IV… Aim for 2 wins in the season and total

Park Bo-gyeom (25, Angang Construction) took the lead for two days in a row at the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour OK Financial Group Shotman Open (total prize money of 800 million won, winner’s prize of 144 million won) and finished with a total of 2. I aimed for victory.

Park Bo-gyeom reduced 7 strokes in the second round of the tournament held at Club 72 Country Club (par 72) in Jung-gu, Incheon on the 16th, recording an intermediate total of 13 under par, 131 strokes.

Park Bo-gyeom played a flawless game today, making only 7 birdies and no bogeys.

Park Bo-gyeom was tied for the lead with six people, including Lee Ye-won, in the first round the previous day, but on this day, he pushed out his competitors and rose to the sole lead.

Park Bo-gyeom, who achieved her first regular tour win at the 9th Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open last May, will aim for her second career win.

In an interview with the KLPGA Tour after the game, Park Bo-gyeom said, “Overall, it wasn’t a day where I had a very good shot feel. I was a little disappointed with the shot feel, but the putt fell well even in the disappointing situation.” He added, “I will make up for the parts I was lacking today and hope to win with a slightly sharper shot tomorrow.” “I will take on the challenge,” he said.

Park Bo-gyeom revealed that she was in a bad condition and ended up in the hospital. He said, “I haven’t been in good condition since last Sunday, so I went to the hospital and received intravenous fluids. It’s getting better. Today was better than yesterday, so I think tomorrow will be better.”

Park Bo-gyeom announced that he would overwhelm his competitors by reducing the number of strokes in the final round. He said, “I think the final round will be the same as the first and second rounds. I think I need to make as many birdies as possible. I will do my best in every hole and every shot.”

Lee Ji-hyeon 2 and Mada Som are tied for second place with 12 under par, one stroke behind Park Bo-gyeom.

Madasom expressed satisfaction with the game that day. He said, “There were almost no mistakes. I was so immersed in the game that I didn’t even realize I had recorded 6안전놀이터 birdies. I recorded 6 under par in the first and second rounds. I think I need to reduce at least 6 strokes in the final round to compete for the championship.” I looked ahead.

Jihyeon Lee2 announced that she had overcome her hamstring injury. He said, “I had a hard time with a hamstring injury last year. It’s still not perfect, but I’ve improved a lot.” He added, “Last year was harder due to the injury than I thought about winning, so I’m setting my goal to finish each competition without injury. I’ll do my best until the end tomorrow as well. “I intend to accept the results,” he said.

Choi Ye-rim is 4th with 11 under par, and Lee Se-hee is 5th with 10 under par. Lee Se-hee said, “I was able to concentrate on the game because the caddy created an atmosphere that allowed me to focus on each hole. I think it would be good if I played like today again tomorrow,” and added, “I was always too greedy on the last day and often missed shots. “I think it will be okay if you focus on what you need in each situation,” he said.

Lee Ye-won tied for 10th place with 8 under par, Park Hyun-kyung tied for 14th place with 7 under par, Lee Da-yeon tied for 21st place with 6 under par, Hwang Yu-min tied for 33rd place with 5 under par, Kim Su-ji, Bang Shin-sil, and Lee So-young tied for 41st place with 4 under par. It’s up. Jeong-eun Lee6 and Yun-ji Jeong are tied for 53rd place with 3 under par.

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