‘Perfect Settlement’ Oh Hyeon-gyu, “I want to go to Celtic from the summer. I am the happiest right now”

Oh Hyun-gyu (21, Celtic) showed happiness.

Oh Hyun-kyu joined Celtic through the winter transfer window. He was a resource that Celtic manager Angie Postco Glu had strongly desired and was hired on the spot. It’s a perfect day. He has played 10 matches since joining and has already scored 3 goals. In addition, he participated in the final of the Scottish League Cup and defeated ‘rival’ Rangers to lift the championship trophy.

The value also soared. The football statistics media ‘Transfer Markt’ is updating the ransom of European players in March, and Oh Hyun-kyu has more than tripled. It went from 550,000 euros (about 770 million won) in December last year to 1.8 million euros (about 2.518 billion won) in three months.

Celtic released an exclusive interview with Oh Hyun-gyu through the club’s magazine ‘Celtic View’ during the A-match break. Regarding the transfer saga, Oh Hyun-kyu said, “I heard about Celtic’s interest last summer. After hearing the news,메이저놀이터 I wanted to join Celtic. The transfer process was rough. “Thank you for not doing it. There was nothing I could do at the time. As a Suwon Samsung player, I had to show my best performance for the team.”

He added, “Now I am having the happiest moment at Celtic. I was able to lift the trophy with my wonderful teammates.”

Oh Hyun-kyu is like a chimney with a desire to repay. “Coach Postecoglu wants me so much that I want to repay him by scoring a lot of goals for him. My first goal after joining Celtic was to reach match fit as quickly as possible. It was. Compared to the beginning, I really like it now. I hope I can show a better image.”

Regarding his first cup in Europe, Hyungyu Oh said, “It’s been only a month since I came here, but winning the League Cup is a great honor. It’s been a while since I won the domestic cup. I was very happy to be able to do it. There is not much difference between winning in Korea and winning in Scotland. Because winning is winning.”

Finally, to the Celtic fans, “(At the final) I saw a split between our fans and the Rangers fans. Our fans gave us amazing support, and we were encouraged by that to win the match. The support of the fans will not tire us to the end. It was the motive and reason for not doing it. When I was celebrating with the fans after the game, I was a little touched,” he expressed his gratitude.

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