“Pochettino, the person you should be most careful with…”, ‘Legend”s bone-chilling advice

Ruud Gullit, a ‘legendary’ player from the Netherlands and who served as Chelsea’s playing coach from 1995 to 1998, gave bone-in advice to the next Chelsea manager.

It can be said that the next Chelsea manager said to the influential manager Mauricio Pochettino. Gullit criticized Chelsea’s excessive number of players in England’s ‘Mirror’. He pointed out that this is the biggest problem that Pochettino has to bear.

“Chelsea have a lot of players, but they have too many. They have 30 players. With a squad of this size, it’s hard to have a truly original team. It’s creating a terrible atmosphere at Chelsea,” Gullit said.

He continued:메이저사이트 “Players who can’t play will always complain. Of course, players who can’t play won’t listen to the manager. This is nothing special, it’s a normal reaction. But Chelsea will be worse. “There are players who fall into it. They will groan.”

He emphasized, “This is a big problem for Chelsea as a whole. Everyone at Chelsea is groaning. There is uncertainty everywhere. The people the next manager of Chelsea should be most careful about are the players who can’t play.” did.

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