Poisonous Jordan Poole 4-Year 188 Billion Contract… Is the golden state dynasty over?

“This is the limit. We used all our strength.”

After being eliminated in the second round of the playoffs on the 13th (Korean time), Golden State Warriors manager Steve Kerr made no excuses. “I’ll be honest. I think we’ve reached the peak of our team’s strength. Golden State is no longer the champion. It’s been that way all year.”

Golden State’s season is over. In the second round of the playoffs with the LA Lakers, he withdrew with 2 wins and 4 losses.

Considering that they were the winning team in the finals last season, it was an earlier dropout than expected. Even though key players such as Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green remained healthy, they were pushed back in the weight class fight. Curry said bitterly, “This is reality.”

Golden State has won four championships in the past eight years. Only reached the finals 6 times. As time went on, the salary cap increased and the ages of the key players increased one by one.

Curry and Thompson needed a young player to support them. Golden State’s pick is Jordan Poole.

Pool, who played a big role in the playoffs and finals last season, was given a large contract. Last summer, he signed a 4-year, $140 million (approximately 188 billion won) contract extension.

▲ Besides Jordan Poole, there are many players who will not worry about Golden State.

Poole showed a performance far below expectations. He averaged 20.4 points and 4.5 assists in the regular season, but his 3-point shooting percentage fell to the 33% level. His defensive weaknesses and frequent mistakes remained the same.

He was devastating in the playoffs. He averaged 10.3 points and made 25.4 percent of his three-pointers in just 21.8 minutes per game.

If the pool doesn’t rebound next season, Golden State’s strength will be further reduced. Since the team’s total annual salary has already exceeded the salary cap, it is impossible to even dream of recruiting decent outside players. Except for Jonathan Cuminga, there are no promising prospects to look forward to.

Existing power may be dismantled from this summer.

Green has a $27.6 million player option available this summer. The general opinion is that he will go to the free agent (FA) market without using the player option. Golden State needs to decide whether or not to renew the contract with Green and the scale.

Klay Thompson’s contract ends next season. It’s time for him to prepare for an extended contract. The contract of general manager Bob Myers, who can be said to be the architect of Golden State’s roster, expires this summer.먹튀검증

Ace Curry’s contract has three years left. He has to choose whether to go the route of maintaining power as much as possible, whether to run more even if it is overworked to win, or whether to perform partial retooling.

There are no permanent strong players in the NBA. The teams that lifted numerous cups in the past also had their dynasty come to an end and went through a rebuilding process. Golden State is just getting closer to that time.

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