President Yoon’s hostility towards criticism of polluted water by “people who say 1+1 equals 100″

President Yoon Seok-yeol targeted those who were critical of the discharge of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, criticizing them as “people who say 1 plus 1 is 100,” and started to divide the public again.

On the evening of the 28th, President Yoon attended the ‘People’s Power 2023 Lawmakers’ Workshop’ held at the Incheon International Airport Corporation Human Resources Development Center and said, “This time, Fukushima, look at what comes out about it.” These are the people who say 100. We have no choice but to fight against these forces,” he said. He said, “Cooperation, cooperation, but I talked about it a while ago, but the direction in which birds fly must be determined so that the left wing and the right wing join forces.” It’s about developing, and we have wild thoughts about the direction we’re flying, and we’re trying to go forward, but (the opponent) shouldn’t say that we’re going backwards,” he added.

While criticizing those who are concerned about the risk as ‘unscientific’, saying that it is currently not possible to accurately determine what effect the polluted water discharged into the sea will have on the environment and human body, it reveals hostility that it will not even acknowledge them as a conversation partner.

President Yoon continued, “Compromises must always be made in the political realm, but we must reflect on national identity, starting with what values ​​we will (compromise) have. “Even if it’s just the government and the party, we need to set a firm direction on how we will lead the country,” he stressed. He defined the opposition party as a “national identity denial force,” and once again nailed it down by saying that he would not compromise or negotiate.

President Yoon repeatedly criticized the previous government by repeating the expression “outdated sham fraud ideology.” He said, “There is no company that did not fail because the president just rolled a luxury car like the Mercedes 600 even though there was no money. The shell is gorgeous, a lot of people are hired, so the number of employees is large, and there are many businesses that have been launched, but the inside is very poor after taking over the company.” “The same goes for the country. Now that I am really in charge of the government, I have a lot of dizzying thoughts about what this country would have been like if we hadn’t joined forces and brought the right to run state affairs during the last presidential election.” He also said, “The most important thing as a country’s political orientation and values ​​to be pursued is an ideology.”

On the other hand, President Yoon said, “Based on the liberal democracy and free market economic system stipulated in the Constitution since the election, I am not buried in freedom and solidarity, human rights and the rule of law, justice and fairness, and South and North Korea, but expand the diplomatic horizon as a global pivotal state. We have been pushing forward without a break,” he said. In addition, he added, “After examining all the details of national security, military public security agencies, law enforcement agencies that need to enforce public power, and economic policies, it has already been a year and three or four months to make them more substantial.” However, they criticized the media, saying, “In the National Assembly, both the opposition parties and the media are all controlled by opposition supporters, so they only curse at our government 24 hours a day.”

On this day, 110 members of the People’s Power attended the banquet, excluding Foreign Minister Park Jin, who was on a business trip abroad. A large number of ministers and vice ministers, including Deputy Prime Minister for Economy and Minister of Strategy and Finance Choo Kyung-ho, Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs and Minister of Education Lee Ju-ho, and Minister안전놀이터 of Transportation Won Hee-ryong, were also dispatched.

This is the second time President Yoon has attended the party banquet. As this year’s banquet is the last ‘unity meeting’ for President Yoon and all members of the ruling party before the general elections next year, the President’s Office explains that it highlights the party’s solidarity. An official from the Presidential Office said, “Attending this banquet is in accordance with President Yoon’s order to strengthen party-government cooperation from the beginning of the year.” .

It is unusual for an incumbent president to attend a banquet for members of the National Assembly. Former Presidents Park Geun-hye and Moon Jae-in, instead of attending the banquet for party autonomy, invited lawmakers directly to the Blue House to have a meal and encourage them.

For this reason, it is pointed out that President Yoon, who attended the banquet twice in a row, is actively intervening in party affairs ahead of the general election. Previously, President Yoon attended the banquet after the text message of “internal gunfire” was released last year and emphasized the “one team”.

Park Sang-byeong, a current affairs critic, said, “As next year’s general election is the fateful time for President Yoon to bet on the presidency, it seems that he is trying to show off his presence in the party.” There is,” he pointed out.

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