Public outrage over the death of a teacher in his 20s

In the wake of an incident in which a teacher in her twenties made an extreme choice at an elementary school in Seocho-gu, Seoul, it is pointed out that measures are urgently needed to prevent the fall of teaching authority. As more than 100 cases of infringement of teaching rights are reported every year in Busan, and as the number of cases increases each year, there are voices of indignation that the fall of teaching rights should not be neglected any longer.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and the education community on the 20th, an elementary school teacher in Seocho-gu was found dead at school on the morning of the 18th. School officials discovered the body and called the police. It is known that no students witnessed the scene as it was before school. Some raised suspicions of abuse of power by parents in connection with this incident, and teacher groups are demanding an investigation into the truth.카지노사이트As a series of incidents of falling teaching authority, including the extreme choice of elementary school teachers, have recently occurred, voices calling for the restoration of teaching authority are boiling in the education world. Teachers complain that some students are dissatisfied with proper class guidance, file or report complaints, and violate teaching rights in various ways, such as interrupting classes, assault, and abusive language. Female teacher B, a 6th grade homeroom teacher at another elementary school in Seoul, was assaulted dozens of times by male student C in her class in front of other students last month. It was also revealed that an elementary school student in Daejeon sent a text message sexually harassing her teacher.

According to the Ministry of Education, the number of deliberations on infringement of teacher rights continued to rise from 1197 in 2020 to 2269 in 2021 and 3035 in 2022. Last year, 84 cases of infringement of teaching rights were reviewed in Busan. There were 7 cases of injury and assault, and 50 cases of insult and defamation. In 2021, five cases were reported related to sexual shame. Teachers’ groups believe that there will be more cases of actual infringement of teacher rights as the majority of cases are not reported by teachers.Teachers’ organizations are calling for an investigation into the truth about the death of a teacher in Seocho-gu. The Federation of Teachers’ Unions (Teachers’ Union) and the Korea Federation of Teachers’ Union issued statements on the same day and demanded an investigation without sanctuary from the education authorities and the police.In an online community, suspicions were raised that ‘teacher A, who had just joined the church, suffered from malicious complaints from parents while in charge of school violence.’ Afterwards, an unconfirmed story that the father of the parent and the grandfather of the student who was ‘gap-jil’ was a ‘three-line lawmaker of the people’s power living in Seocho-gu’ also spread. On this day, the school side corrected the facts, saying, “The teacher who died was not in charge of school violence, and there was no politician’s family in the background.”

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