Really? Saying he’s good because he’s slow… I never thought Yokichi from ‘Contradiction’ would be ‘the best’

I can’t understand.토토사이트Movement is sluggish, shot form is sloppy. There are times when the shot that I used to throw like a soccer throw-in gets stuck in the rim. However, opponents do not block well. Above all, play basketball easily. There is no glitz. He rarely dunks. Even so, the shot goes well and the pass fits perfectly, so the opposing team has no choice but to lose their strength.

Do you play basketball with a height of 211 cm? Could it be because he believed in his weight of 129 kg and did not get pushed back in the physical fight? Serbia’s Nikola Yogić, 28, is not easily convinced. He is obviously a center who keeps the bottom of the goal, but he easily achieves a ‘triple double’ while setting records such as scoring, rebounding, assisting and stealing by more than double digits. After accumulating victories one by one, he presented the Denver Nuggets with an NBA championship. Following the two MVPs of the regular season, he also snatched the championship game MVP. The NBA is the era of Jokic.

Analysis of this strange player continues to pour in. He knows that the center is to receive the ball that is put under the goal, score, and rebound, but he has even created a new basketball style called the ‘point center’ that breaks away from that role and pours out assists with passes.

The ‘Washington Post’ analyzes that Jokic’s ‘contradiction’ made him the best player. ‘He’s around the bottom of the net but rarely dunks, he’s the biggest player on the court but rarely plays on the rim, he touches the ball constantly but doesn’t hold it for very long,’ he said . In fact, Jokic analyzed that while he had the most touches on the ball (6804) in the NBA this season, he held the ball for a short time (2.69 seconds per touch). He didn’t dribble for a long time, he made a quick decision and made another play.

The New York Times, recently analyzed, had a different view. I noticed Yokichi’s ‘slowness’. It’s not fast, it’s not flashy, but I looked into why it’s so good. It was evaluated that he had a knack for implementing something different at speed. This is what Yokichi saw as having the ability to take the lead in the time of basketball. ‘It’s not important to be fast, it’s more important not to hurry’, but Jokichi is like that. He knows how to wait calmly and calmly, deciding when and where to move and how to pass. So it creates some kind of flow.

It is no different from Messi, who was considered the most walked player in the 2022 World Cup, wandering around the ground thinking about the next game. Yokichi is also slow, but the speed of thought is fast, and the analysis that he plays with emphasis on the quality of speed was refreshing.
It doesn’t match the logic of the world where ‘faster’ is emphasized and speed is defined. Yokichi may be walking the opposite path.

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