‘Regional duty’ judge found prostitution in Gangnam on weekdays in broad daylight… “Previous Sex Crimes Case”

An incumbent judge was caught prostitution in a hotel in Gangnam안전놀이터, Seoul on weekdays in broad daylight. He came to Seoul on a business trip, and he stated that he traded prostitution through an app, but he actually did it during working hours. In addition, he is known to have participated in sex crime-related trials.

This is reporter Jang Dong-wook.

It was on the 22nd of last month that an incumbent judge at a local court was caught by the police on charges of prostitution at a hotel in Gangnam, Seoul.

He was engaged in prostitution outside the workplace in broad daylight on weekdays.

The police, who were undercover after receiving a tip that prostitution was taking place at a hotel in Gangnam, Seoul, arrested a prostitute in a hotel room and identified the identity of Mr. A. 

It is known that Mr. A stated, “I had sex with a woman in her 30s whom I met through a conditional dating app who came to Seoul on a business trip for her work.”

Mr. A revealed her judge’s identity at the police and admitted her crime. As a result of the police investigation, Mr. A was found to have participated in the judgment of past sex crime cases, such as sentenced to a heavy sentence to a seller of child sexual exploitation videos.

The police handed her over to the prosecution without detention, and Mr. A will soon be investigated by the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office.

The Supreme Court said, “We cannot confirm whether Mr. A was disciplined,” and said, “We will inform the public of the disciplinary results through the official gazette in the future.”

In 2016, a chief judge belonging to the Court Administration Office was caught prostitution in an officetel in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu.

At the time, the Supreme Court imposed a three-month salary cut, but the judge later moved to a large law firm.

This is Jang Dong-wook from TV Chosun.

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