Rep. So Byeong-cheol selected as an excellent member of the National Supervisory Service

In addition, Rep. So Byeong-cheol of the Democratic Party (Suncheon, Gwangyang, Gokseong, Gurye (A)) attended the National Assembly Audit National Civil Service Award Ceremony held at the National Assembly Museum on the 6th . said he was awarded.

The ‘Public Citizen Award for National Audit 토토사이트 (Excellent Member of National Audit)’ is selected through a comprehensive monitoring of the entire process of the national audit by young college students and evaluators who are experts in each field, and through precise evaluation. It is known that a member of the National Assembly who conducted a state audit has been awarded.

Rep. So served as the Legislation and Judiciary Committee in the first half of the 21st National Assembly and then as the Political Affairs Committee in the second half, taking the lead in resolving the long-cherished wishes of the region on behalf of local residents and the difficult public economy, such as high interest rates, high prices, and high exchange rates.

In particular, in the last parliamentary audit, ▲ pointed out the indifference, incompetence, and irresponsibility of the Office of State Security for the US Inflation Reduction Act ▲ urged to review the improvement of excessive delivery fees that hurt the self-employed and small business owners ▲ proposed legislation related to the eradication of monopolies such as taxi call driving ▲ permanent committee presided over by the Prime Minister Efficiency of operation of the Yeo-Soon Incident Committee, etc. ▲ Asked about the ‘construction of medical schools and university hospitals in the Jeonnam area’ in the medical blind spot in Jeonnam, etc., and presented alternatives, and received high praise.

Rep. Soh said, “As the NGO monitor group for the government audit closely looked at each of the parliamentary activities and the quality of the state affairs audit, and strictly evaluated and selected them, the honor of winning the award is felt all the more.”

At the same time, he emphasized, “In a situation where the people’s livelihood is difficult, it is natural that if you are the representative of the people, you must fulfill your responsibility in the role given to you.”

Rep. So said, “It is the mission of So Byeong-cheol, a politician, to give the people hope and belief that tomorrow will be better than today,” and strengthened his resolve for future legislative activities.

Meanwhile, Rep. So won last year’s ‘2022 Korea Sustainable Innovation Leader’, ‘Uijeongbu Mun Innovation Award’ selected by Money Today’s ‘The Leader’, ‘ 2022 kbc Gwangju Broadcasting National Assembly Member’s Legislative Award’, ‘Legislation Award’, Seoul Shinmun’ He won the 2022 National Audit Best Congressman, and was evaluated for his active performance in all fields such as legislative activities, legislation, and state affairs audit in the parliamentary evaluation hosted by the media.