Rubik’s hand shone again despite defeat… Perfect score in decision making, activity level, and contribution

Although the team lost, it was a game that once again confirmed the true value of Rubik’s Hand (Ulsan Hyundai).

In the K-League 1 Round 7 match against Daejeon Hana Citizen held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 16th, Rubiksson scored an equalizer in the 19th minute of the first half after trailing 0-1. He received a pass opened by Kim Min-hyeok from the right and connected it with a powerful left-footed grounder shot that shook the net. Rubiksson, who scored his 5th goal this season, rose to the top scorer alone.

Rubiksson from Sweden wore the Ulsan uniform through the transfer market last winter. Although a player with no experience in Asia, Rubiksson quickly adapted to the team and jumped to the starting position.

The greatest strength of his Rubik’s hand is his determination. He scored 5 goals in 13 shot attempts in 7 games. He ranks 13th in shots attempted, but ranks first in shots on target and points scored. It’s literally ‘one shot one kill’. On this day, he also attempted 4 shots, the most on the team, with 3 shots on target.

Ulsan struggled to lose the initiative to Daejeon throughout the first half and even conceded a goal, but Rubikson’s shot equalized the score and succeeded in pursuit. I couldn’t save a decisive opportunity in the second half, but it was also a difficult situation to try a shot.

It’s not just good decision making. The amount of activity and contribution are excellent regardless of position. With striker Joo Min-kyu at the forefront, Rubiksson led the attack, moving actively in the first and second lines, on the sides and in the center. The off-the-ball movement was so good that it was difficult to figure out what the exact position was. It was a performance that Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo could entrust full-time without a replacement.

His active play also shone.메이저사이트 Although he is a striker, he attempted 4 tackles, and actively attempted aerial and ground competitions. He also stood out for his determination not to be pushed back in a fight with his opponent.

Although he was defeated, Rubiksson’s performance was clearly noticeable. He is the undoubted leader in Ulsan’s early rise.

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