Seo Jun-won kicked out of Lotte due to sex crimes, can be permanently disqualified from KBO

The life of Seo Jun-won (23), a professional baseball player who once received high expectations as the future of the Lotte Giants mound, is over.

On the 23rd, the Lotte club said, “We confirmed that Seo Jun-won was investigated by the police for criminal acts against minors and has now been transferred to the prosecution.” announced that

After graduating from Kaesong Middle School and Gyeongnam High School, Seo Jun-won, who received a down payment of 350 million won and joined Lotte as the first designated player in 2019, was treated as an ‘unfinished standby’.

Even when he failed to meet expectations with a 4-11 ERA of 5.47 in 2019, his first professional year, and a 7-6 ERA of 5.18 the following year, the club consistently gave him opportunities.

However, due to his lack of self-management, Seo Jun-won not only failed to show the skills he had only in high school on the mound, but also got involved in sexual crimes against minors.

Seo Jun-won, who started being investigated for the charges at the end of last year, waited in a detention center until the recent warrant review, but was released after the court rejected the warrant and was investigated without detention.

Even in this situation, Seo Jun-won openly attended the club’s spring camp that led to Guam and Okinawa, Japan, and even pitched in a professional baseball demonstration game.

This was possible because he did not inform the club that he was under investigation on these charges.

Seo Jun-won appeared in the exhibition game three times, and even showed good pitching with 2 hits and no runs in 3 innings against the Samsung Lions on the 20th, right before the warrant review.

It is known that Seo Jun-won did not inform the club or his family about his involvement in sex crimes involving minors.

The Lotte club only heard about Seo Jun-won’s misconduct on the morning of the 23rd and immediately opened a disciplinary committee.

A club official explained, “Because Seo Jun-won admitted to his charges at the disciplinary committee, he was able to decide on the disciplinary action of leaving the club even during the prosecution’s investigation.”

He added, “He thought the player himself could pass quietly and he didn’t notify the club. He apologized at the disciplinary committee saying ‘I’m sorry’.”

Seo Jun-won, who has already been disciplined by the club, is expected to find it difficult to avoid being disciplined by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO).

On the 23rd, the KBO Secretariat, which received a police report from the Lotte club, plans to open a reward and punishment committee in accordance with the procedure to determine the level of disciplinary action.

According to the KBO Baseball Rules,스포츠토토 the most serious punishment for a player, ‘permanent disqualification’, can be match manipulation, sex crimes, military service corruption, doping more than twice, and drunk driving more than three times.

Sexual assault and molestation are punishable by permanent, lifelong or disqualification of one year or more.

Korean professional baseball, already full of bad news, faced a major scandal just 9 days before the opening of the 2023 regular season.

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