#Son #Fan #KPGA Championship… ‘Issue Maker’ Heo In-hoe’s Goals and Dreams

Heo In-hoe (36) is the ‘issue maker’ of the Korean Tour of the KPGA (Korea Professional Golf Association).

Having won 23 victories as an amateur, he created a lot of stories after entering the Korean Tour in 2008. In the first year of his debut, he reported his first win at the ‘Philos Open’, and in 2014, he won the Doshin Golf Tournament, a Japanese tour, with a final total of 28 under par, 260 strokes, and set a record for the lowest number of strokes in 72 holes of the Japanese tour. That year, he ranked first in average drive distance between Korea and Japan, becoming the first player to win the long drive king in both countries at the same time. In 2015, he climbed to the top of the 11th Eastern Fire Pro Me Open as an active soldier and even won the title of the first domestic player to win as an active soldier. At the 2016 SK Telecom Open, he played with a bag alone without a caddy and succeeded in making a hole-in-one.

Heo In-hoe, who has been on tour for 16 years. He prepares for the season as usual, but this year he has a special mindset. Because of my son who was born last month.

Heo In-hoe laughed, “I was busy preparing for the season and raising children. When I woke up, I was surprised that the opening was not long.” I’m already excited at the thought. I hope the season starts soon.” “I will raise my son to be a golf player. When he starts walking, he will become familiar with golf and create an environment where he can feel interest,” he said. I plan to do the lessons myself if possible. He is confident,” he added.

Heo In-hoe participated in 21 competitions last year and showed steady performance, including 4 top 10 and 16 cuts. In the average number of putts, he ranked first for the second consecutive year following 2021 (1.71) with an average number of putts of 1.67 when hitting the green. Heo In-hoe said, “Putting is always a part that I think is lacking. The amount of practice is the most. I feel rewarded because it seems to be working,” he said. I focused on correcting the direction so that I can use it elaborately. This season, I will be able to play more accurately.”

Heo In-hoe is a veteran who has been on tour for a long time, but Heo In-hoe is always sincere to his fans. He never loses his smile anytime, anywhere, and is active in fan service. He also has a ‘star temperament’ that draws cheers with his cheerful ceremonies and performances during matches. Heo In-hoe said, “It is a natural thing to do as a professional player for the fans who always support me. I have the constitution to gain strength only when I have fans. So I was really happy to have the gallery enter from last season.안전놀이터” If all the players active on the tour this season show more refreshing performance, the popularity of the KPGA Korean Tour will rise even more.”

Heo In-hoe said, “There is a tournament that I always dream of winning during my tour life. It is the ‘KPGA Championship’. All KPGA Korean Tour players will have the same idea.”

Heo In-hoe will participate in the ‘Timefolio Asset Management Winner’s Match Play’, which will be held at Black Stone Jeju on the 28th, and enter full-fledged combat mode. In this tournament, in which a KPGA Korean Tour player and a male player from the Korea Elementary School Golf Association pair up and play together, Heo In-hoe competes as the ‘defending champion’.

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