‘Sonkeduo power will survive’… West Ham striker recommended by EPL relegation manager

 Interest in Rogers, who is being mentioned as one of Tottenham’s next managers, is growing.

The British BBC introduced Antonio’s podcast about the possibility of Tottenham’s appointment of Rogers as manager. Antonio, who scored 59 goals in 219 appearances in the Premier League as a striker for West Ham United, showed that Rodgers is the perfect manager for Tottenham. Tottenham sacked manager Conte last month, and Rogers, who was recently sacked from Leicester City, is being mentioned as one of the candidates for the next manager of Tottenham.

Antonio said, “It would be great if Rogers became Tottenham manager. Tottenham likes structured football and has that ability.” That part will come out well,” he said. He also added “Rogers was a manager of Liverpool, who came two points short of winning and finished runners-up in the Premier League. Rogers is a manager with ability.”

Son Heung-min and Kane hold the record for the most joint goals in the Premier League, but the linkage play between Son Heung-min and Kane this season has been greatly reduced. Tottenham is in fourth place in the Premier League this season with 15 wins, 5 draws and 9 losses (50 points), and is competing to obtain tickets to the UEFA Champions League next season.

Rogers has experience managing various clubs,카지노사이트 including Liverpool, Celtic and Swansea City. Rogers, who had led Leicester City since 2019, was sacked ahead of the Aston Villa match held on the 4th. Leicester City, led by Rodgers, is in 19th place with 7 wins, 4 draws and 18 losses (25 points) in the Premier League this season, and is in danger of relegation.

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