Subero, who became a ‘self-killer’, was suddenly hardened, and general manager Son Hyuk became too burdensome

The replacement of the manager who became a self-inflicted victim to general manager Son Hyuk, there are too many eyes to watch.

Hanwha Eagles fans are angry. It is because of the sudden change of director, and the battle of procedures and responsibilities.

Hanwha sacked head coach Carlos Subero after winning the home game against the Samsung Lions on the 11th. And at the same time, the news of the appointment of director Choi Won-ho was announced.

Everyone knows that the manager of a professional club is ‘Paris Life’. If your grades aren’t good, they can change. Also, the baseball team is a company. If the owner wants to change his staff, he wants to use the person he wants, and no one can stop him.

However, the professional baseball team must become one with the fans. In the case of an important manager change, it may not be necessary to obtain the consent of the fans, but sympathy must be elicited.

I’m sorry for coach Subero, but if Hanhwa had been fired in the process of losing six straight from the end of last month to the beginning of this month, the fans would not have been shaken. It was the third year, but the results of the rebuilding were not clear, and the operation was lacking. No coach can be free once the important grades are bad.

However, after the game, Hanwha cut off the manager who was on a rapid rise in May and had a winning streak. It was an unusual timing. Hanwha hurriedly decided to change the losing streak process, and explained that time had passed while receiving group approval, but public sentiment had already turned to the cruel decision.스포츠토토

After that, the arrows of the storm are heading towards Captain Son. Anyone can see that the person who spearheaded this replacement work. However, general manager Sohn is asking whether he is free from the controversy over the change of manager. The foreign players pushed by General Manager Sohn ‘exploded’, and if you ask them to make good grades without creating fighting power and ask if only the captain who went to the battlefield is responsible for it, even General Sohn has nothing to say.

The 2023 KBO League SSG Landers and Hanwha Eagles match was held at Incheon SSG Landers Field on the 12th. Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho is delighted with the victory in the game. Incheon = Reporter Park Jae-man
In addition, even if the decision to replace the manager was not wrong, it is a response that it is not understandable that the manager is recklessly fired in an upward atmosphere that continues to win. It is not known if a scramble for coach Choi has occurred, but if an internal promotion is scheduled, it is more common sense to maintain the upward flow and set the timing for replacement later. There is no choice but to be suspicious that it was a decision made in an impatient situation to replace it quickly.

Even General Manager Son could not have expected such a reaction. He may have thought that if he replaced coach Subero, who did not receive much support, he would rather receive support from fans. But everything has an order. I have a feeling I missed that part. The only way to resolve the controversy now is to win baseball in the end. In addition, coach Choi must show a clearly differentiated image from coach Subero and win. First of all, the first button before the debut on the 12th was well worn. However, when the wavering figure came out, a situation was created in which all the arrows would be directed to the leader.

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