Sweep it from the front and blow it from the back… LG has two main lineups

The LG Twins have two central batting lines. 3, 4, 5 for accuracy and 7, 8 for long shots. In other words, there is no place to rest on the top and bottom line.

LG’s main batting line is No. 3 Hyun-Soo Kim, No. 4 Austin Dean and No. 5 Oh Ji-Hwan. A long hit was added to the accurate hit. Combined with a table setter with a high on-base rate, the scoring production capacity is high. Austin has a batting average of 3.336 with 4 homers and 28 RBIs, Kim Hyun-soo has a batting average of 3.35 with 1 home run and 19 RBIs, and Oh Ji-hwan has a batting average of 2.82 and 18 RBIs.

If there is one thing that is regrettable, there is little news of home runs this season by Kim Hyun-soo, who hit 23 home runs last year, and Oh Ji-hwan, who hit 25 home runs.

There are other scary center hitters in the bottom line. Number 7 Park Dong-won and Number 8 Lee Jae-won. It is a long hitting line that goes over if caught. Although his batting average is not high, he has the ability to fly away when hit, so the opposing team is bound to be nervous.

Park Dong-won has already hit 10 homers. 1st in home run rankings alone. He has produced a lot of hits lately, and his batting average has risen to .207. He is second on the team with 25 RBIs. Lee Jae-won, who came up to the first team only on May 6 due to a side injury, had a home run ceremony on the 16th with a home run in consecutive hits at the Jamsil KT Wiz match.

There is a synergistic effect because scary hitters are placed in the top and bottom lineups. Even if the top batting line doesn’t explode, you can score by hitting the bottom batting line, and you can make a big inning at once.

It was the same on the 17th. At the end of the 4th inning, which was trailing 0-2, Austin’s hit in the 4th and Oh Ji-hwan’s walk in the 5th made it safe, and 1st and 2nd basemen, 6th Moon Bo-kyung, hit a heavy hit with a fake bunt and slash and run strategy, and Austin stepped on the home run and scored 1-2. It’s gone. 1st and 3rd basemen Park Dong-won picked a walk and loaded the bases safely. Eighth number Lee Jae-won overturned the game at once by hitting a 3 RBI double, a sweeping reversal that exceeded the height of the center fielder.

Since there is an oriental medicine, I cannot carelessly treat the 7th and 8th. Park Dong-won got consecutive walks at the end of the 2nd and 4th innings, got on base all 4 times with a double in the 5th and a hit in the 7th. After sweeping doubles at the end of the 4th inning, Lee Jae-won walked to 1st base with an intentional 4th pitch at the end of the 5th inning with 1 out and 2nd and 3rd base. It is the part where the opponent’s vigilance is revealed as it is.

Director Yeom’s declaration that he would play ‘puff baseball’ by placing Park Dong-won and Lee Jae-won at No. 7 and 8 from the spring camp seems to be seeing the effect. Coach Yeom said, “The two have low batting averages, so there is no need to hit them in the upper batting line.” It will be a big inning right away,” he said, revealing his anticipation for the two. Even in April, when Lee Jae-won was suffering from side pain, he waited for Lee Jae-won’s return because the 7th and 8th pitches were a big plus to the team’s overall batting. The confidence that a goal can be scored in any batting order comes as fear to the opponent.안전놀이터

The lineup envisioned by Yeom was completed. I am curious about its destructive power.

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