Thanks to the British Jamboree crew… Koreans who collapsed at COEX were saved

A man in his 20s who had lost consciousness at COEX 안전놀이터in Samseong-dong, Seoul was safely rescued thanks to a quick report from British Jamboree members visiting Korea.

According to the Herald Economy report, citing the Gangnam Fire Station on the 11th, an accident occurred inside COEX around 2:40 pm on the 8th, when a man in his 20s fell unconscious.

British Jamboree members who witnessed this ran directly to the firefighters belonging to the Gangnam Fire Station, who were conducting fire safety inspections nearby, reported that “a person had collapsed” and guided the firefighters to the scene.

Firefighters who were dispatched quickly after receiving a report from the crew arrived at the scene and checked the condition of Mr. A. Mr. A was unconscious at the time, and his blood pressure was high and his pulse was not good.

In response, firefighters performed first aid for about 30 minutes to return Mr. A’s breathing to normal, and then Mr. A was transferred to the hospital.

At the time of the accident, British Jamboree members are said to have reached out to help a citizen who had collapsed while visiting COEX to participate in a cultural program provided by the Korea International Trade Association.

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