The crisis of ‘Uh Woo-hyun’? Hyundai Steel, who fell to 5th place, Suwon FC,’single leader’

 Is there no ‘U-in’ of this year (the winner is Hyundai Steel anyway)?

Incheon Hyundai Steel has commanded the women’s unemployment soccer WK League for the past 10 years. Since 2009, when the WK League was launched, it has never missed a championship match. From 2013 to 2022, it accomplished the great feat of winning the championship for 10 consecutive years.

This year, he challenged to win the unified championship for 11 years in a row, which was unprecedented. The squad is solid. It has the most national team resources in the WK League, including Kim Hye-ri, Lee Min-ah, Jang Seul-gi, Choi Yu-ri, and Kim Jeong-mi. When I won the championship last year, I kept the first place all the time. Even in a situation where the points were tied, they had an advantage on goal difference and did not give up the lead.

However, when I opened the lid, it was different from what I expected. After defeating Mungyeong Sangmu (3-0 win) in the opening game and Changnyeong WFC (1-0 win) in the second round, they got off to a good start with two consecutive wins. However, in the 3rd round against Suwon FC Women, who are considered ‘opponents’, they suffered their first loss of the season with 0-1. Last year’s top scorer and this year’s top scorer, Moon Mi-ra, scored the first goal.

The problem started from the next round. On the 14th, when the 4th round was played, they lost 0-2 to Hwacheon KSPO. In the 5th round held 4 days later, they lost 1-2 to Sejong Sports Toto and took their 3rd consecutive defeat.

Hyundai Steel is ranked 5th with 2 wins and 3 losses (5 points) in 5 games. It’s an awkward leaderboard. Hyundai Steel director Kim Eun-sook said, “It’s awkward. There has been no game in which we played with the best power since the opening game. In addition to Lee Min-ah, who is in rehabilitation, the main players are in poor physical condition, including Kang Chae-rim, Choi Yu-ri, Lim Seon-joo, and Chang Chang.”

Moreover, this year, the FIFA Women’s World Cup will be held in Australia and New Zealand. I can’t help but care about the condition of the players.

While Hyundai Steel faltered, Suwon FC settled for first place alone. Suwon FC has 4 wins and 1 draw in 5 matches, and is the only one among the 8 teams in the WK League that has no ‘loss’. With 13 points, the gap between 2nd place Hwacheon KSPO (9 points), 3rd place Seoul City Hall (8 points), and 4th place Sejong Sports Toto (7 points) is a bit relaxed.

Hyundai Steel will play an away game against KHNP in Gyeongju on the 21st. Like Hyundai Steel, KHNP is struggling this season.메이저놀이터 They are 6th with 5 points, behind on goal difference.

In the other six rounds, Changnyeong WFC and Suwon FC, Seoul City Hall and Sejong Sports Toto, and Mungyeong Sangmu and Hwacheon KSPO will face each other.

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