The death of the prosecutor in charge of the ‘Itaewon Murder Case’, an extreme choice? “There is no suspicion of murder.”

A lawyer who was a prosecutor in charge of the ‘Itaewon Murder Case’ was found dead and the police are investigating.

According to a Yonhap News report on the 29th, Mr안전놀이터. A was found dead in a shopping mall building in Jeongeup-si around 5 am on the same day.

It is known that Mr. A was in charge of the investigation of the ‘Itaewon Murder Case’.

The Itaewon Murder Case was an incident in which the late Cho Joong-pil (then 22 years old) was brutally stabbed several times in the bathroom of a fast food restaurant in Itaewon, Seoul in April 1997. attracted

The prosecution identified Lee as the culprit among the American identities ‘Edward Lee’ and ‘Arthur John Patterson’ who were present at the scene through investigation, but the Supreme Court confirmed his innocence.

Later, after a re-investigation in 2011, Patterson was regarded as the real culprit and handed him over to trial, and when he was sentenced to 20 years in prison by the Supreme Court, controversy arose over the poor investigation.

At the time, the real criminal controversy attracted public attention and was treated as a variety of broadcasting issues.

After this incident, Mr. A took off his inspection uniform and was practicing as a lawyer in Jeongeup in 2000.

The police believe that there is no suspicion of murder in Mr. A’s death, and are investigating the exact cause of death against his family and others.

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