The hospital will also lift the mask next month… With my money for examination and treatment

Starting next month, COVID-19 will be managed at the same level as the flu. 

As we approach ‘complete endemic’, the remaining mask duty is lifted, and most of the examination and treatment costs are switched to self-pay. 

Reporter Jeong Bo-yoon, will the infectious disease grade of Corona 19 be lowered? 


The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) announced an administrative notice of a revised bill to lower the infectious disease grade of Corona 19 from grade 2 to grade 4. 

At the earliest, from the beginning of next month, Corona 19 will be managed at the same level as the flu. 

Class 4 infectious diseases include influenza, syphilis, and hand, foot and mouth disease. 

The Agency for Disease Control and Prevention said, “We adjust the rating according to the decrease in the severity and transmission power of Corona 19.” 


What will change if you get lowered to level 4? 


First of all, most of the cost of testing and treatment for COVID-19 is self-pay. 

However, support for severely ill patients who require안전놀이터 expensive treatment, such as a ventilator or heart-lung machine, will continue for the time being. 

In addition, with the implementation of Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Crisis Level Adjustment Roadmap, the obligation to wear masks is completely lifted. 

There was still a ‘mandatory’ to wear indoor masks in hospital-level or higher medical institutions and resident-type infection-vulnerable facilities, but all of them will be converted to ‘recommendation’. 


But these days, Corona 19 confirmed cases are showing an increase, right? 


In the third week of this month, the number of confirmed cases increased by 35.8% from the previous week to 253,000, showing an increase for 4 consecutive weeks. 

The number of daily confirmed cases also recorded 47,000 on the 19th, the highest level in six months, making quarantine authorities nervous. 

Authorities said the epidemic was not at the level of concern in that the number of deaths and critically ill patients had not increased significantly. 

However, he urged people to pay attention to personal quarantine, such as wearing a mask. 

This is SBS Biz Jeong Bo-yoon.

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