‘The King of Good Conduct’ gave up his favorite uniform number to his junior free agent. Kim Sang-soo, 7th at KT. 1R rookie Kim Jeong-un is number 29

Kim Sang-soo, who left his hometown team Samsung Lions and went to Suwon for the second time as a free agent for 2.9 billion won for 4 years, played with his uniform number 7. Coincidentally, the player wearing number 7 at KT was Shin Bon-ki (34), who signed a 1+1 contract as a free agent this time. Although Shin Bong-gi is one year older than Kim Sang-soo as a college graduate, he willingly gives up his number 7 to Kim Sang-soo and wears number 56 and starts anew.

Shin Bong-gi wore number 7 while playing at Lotte, but after moving to KT, he chose number 5, and changed it back to number 7 last season when Min-guk Kang, the owner of number 7, left. What I gave up to my junior after one year.

The three new students who have set up a new home at KT also run with new numbers. Lee Sang-ho, an infielder from LG, chose number 16. Lee Sang-ho, who played with No. 24 and No. 7 during his NC Dinos days, put No. 25 on his back at LG in 2021 and No. 2 last year. I wonder if number 16 will be his last and representative number that will come to mind when he mentions Lee Sang-ho. Park Seon-woo, who wore number 51 in Lotte, chose number 45, and 안전놀이터 Cho Yi-hyun, who was number 1 in SSG, wore number 54.

The new foreign pitcher, Bo Shulser, took on the number 40 worn by Audrey Samer Despine, the ace.

New players participating in the Arizona first team camp this time also wear double-digit uniform numbers. 1st round designation Kim Jung-woon was number 29, 2nd round outfielder Jung Joon-yeong was number 58, 3rd round infielder Sohn Min-seok was number 57, 4th round pitcher Kim Kun-woong was number 49, and 7th round college graduate infielder Ryu Hyun-in was number 36.

Yoo Yu-jun, who helped the team as a power analysis agent last year, starts as a new coach wearing number 92 instead of number 61, which he wore during his active career.

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