The leader also said, “I’m sorry.” An outsider with no reaction, still a “moment of feeling” with no news.

“They say there is a moment when you feel a blow…”

Brian O’Grady (31) signed a contract with the Hanwha Eagles for a total of $900,000 ahead of this season. He had experience in Japan, so he thought that he would quickly adapt to the KBO league, and in addition to his long hitting ability and other batting abilities, he also received high marks for his attitude outside of baseball, such as sincerity.

Like all foreign players, Hanwha and O’Grady dreamed of a rosy partnership. Early in the season, however. A frustrating time is passing.

O’Grady’s batting average is 10.29 in 19 games this season. His slugging was cited as his strength, but his slugging percentage is only 0.167. No home run news yet.

After the opening of April, until the 22nd, he stayed with a batting average of 10.2 and 7 Lee, and entered a realignment in the second team. After staying in the Futures League for about 18 days, he returned on the 11th ahead of the SSG Landers match.

In the meantime, the command tower also changed. Hanwha sacked manager Carlos Subero and appointed Choi Won-ho, former manager of the Futures, as the new first-team manager.

changed atmosphere. O’Grady came out on the 13th and 14th, but is still silent. He hit a double in the 13th, but went 0-for-5 in the game on the 14th.

Regarding O’Grady’s story, Director Choi said, “The captain is also sorry. Smith (released) and O’Grady are also sluggish.” It fell out. The bat came back and missed the ball. In the process of making amends with the Futures hitting coach, he went up to the first team. It was good during training, but he didn’t show up during the game, “he explained the reason for his sluggish performance.

Hanwha coaches are also working hard to rebound O’Grady. Coach Choi said, “The reason why we are going to the double system of hitting coach Jeong Hyeon-seok and Nam-hyung Kim, hitting coach of Futures, is to quickly identify all players.”

However, in the end, O’Grady has the key to the rebound. Director Choi said, “I’m not a hitter, but I heard that there are moments when you feel the hit.”카지노사이트

Former head coach Subero has also emphasized that O’Grady must eventually find an answer on its own. When O’Grady was struggling in the early stages, Subero explained, “When he’s sluggish, if he hits one or two hits, he’ll get his old self-confidence back when he hit well.”

For Hanwha, O’Grady’s rebound or a foreign batter’s performance is desperately needed. On the 14th, he took a 3-2 lead in the top of the 12th inning, but had to send a bitter and envious look as he hit a home run from SSG foreign hitter Heredia in the bottom of the 12th inning. The moment when O’Grady’s no-hit in 5 at-bats could become savage all over again. Hanwha and O’Grady’s ‘awkward’ companionship continues.

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