The police who released the Rolls-Royce man never searched… the prosecution did

It has been confirmed that the police did not conduct a search and seizure of the suspect, Shin Mo (28, arrested), who is suspected of hitting and injuring a pedestrian while driving a Rolls Royce while intoxicated near Apgujeong Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. According to the SBS

report on the 29th, it was found that the police did not search and안전놀이터 seize Shin’s residence and mobile phone. The search and seizure of Mr. Shin was carried out by the prosecution. On the 18th, when Mr. Shin was sent, the prosecution found evidence missing, such as a mobile phone, while reviewing the investigation records, and urgently requested a seizure and search warrant. After that, on the 21st, the 19th day after the arrest of the red-handed criminal, a search was conducted at Shin’s residence. During the search and seizure of the residence, the mobile phone used by Mr. Shin at the time was secured, but there was no drug-related circumstances left, a prosecution official said. Some point out that the judgment of the police, who did not search and seize Shin when he was arrested as a red-handed criminal, was insufficient. It is criticized for giving an opportunity to destroy evidence without a search and seizure. Regarding this, a police official said, “The communication details were arbitrarily submitted by Mr. Shin, and there was no reason to search and seize the residence at the stage of the traffic accident investigation.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Shin was arrested on the 11th for driving a Rolls-Royce vehicle on a road near Apgujeong Station in Gangnam-gu at around 8:10 pm on the 2nd and rushing into the sidewalk, seriously injuring a woman in her 20s.

The police arrested Shin, who tested positive for ketamine in a simple drug test, as a red-handed criminal, and released him after 17 hours. A week after the accident, an arrest warrant was requested.

The victim, who was hit by a vehicle Shin was driving, suffered severe head and leg injuries and underwent surgery, but she is brain dead. She, in particular, is known to be at the crossroads of her life and death.

The victim’s family said through Cara Cula YouTube, “I was told to prepare her mind, saying that there was no way to use her hands even in the hospital.” When asked if he had received any contact from Shin or received an apology, he replied, “No.”

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