“The preparation period is short, but… ” Chosen by director Joo Hee-jung as the expected star of MBC Bae

“We will play around the 1st grade. The preparation period is short, but after the winter training, the team did not change much. I will adapt well.” Director Joo Hee-jeong, ahead of MBC’s appearance, chose first-year students as expectations.메이저놀이터

Korea University, which has won the college league regular league championship for two consecutive seasons, is about to embark on another feat. Korea University will participate in the MBC Cup held in Sangju from July 11th to 20th, aiming to win for the second year in a row. Korea University won the championship last year by winning 77-60 against Yonsei University in the finals.

Korea University, which had a gap in its power at the end of the regular season, joins the familiar faces at MBC. Korea University’s freshmen Moon Yoo-hyeon, Yoon Ki-chan, and Yu Min-soo were selected for the U19 national team. Korea University is the only team with more than two players selected for the U19 national team, and the U19 Men’s Basketball World Cup will be held in Debrecen, Hungary from the 24th to July 2nd.

Although there is not enough time between the opening of the MBC Cup after the World Cup, coach Hee-Jeong Joo plans to catch two rabbits by giving many opportunities to freshmen. Although not selected for the U19 national team, Lee Dong-geun is also showing a steep growth trend despite his short pitching power, so he is a resource that coach Joo Hee-jung is looking forward to.

Director Joo Hee-jung said, “In MBC Bae, the first year will be the center. Expectations are high for them. (Moon) Yoohyeon and (Yoon) Kichan are very helpful in defense. (Yoo) Min-soo’s outer defense has improved a lot.” Coach Joo Hee-jung continued, “The preparation period is short, but after the winter training, the team has not changed much. You will adapt well. I think one week of training is enough.”

It is necessary to adjust the amount of training while considering the jet lag of players who were selected for the World Cup. Director Joo Hee-jung also said, “Of course, the amount of training will be adjusted. In the practice game scheduled before the MBC match, I will only digest about 15 to 20 minutes. We plan to gradually improve our condition so that freshmen can play for more than 30 minutes in the finals.”

Of course, even if freshmen spend a lot of playing time, basketball is a sport where 5 people play, and breathing with bench members is also important. Director Joo Hee-jung said, “From the first grade to the fourth grade, I will emphasize teamwork rather than relying on anyone. MBC Cup, playoffs, and regular matches are important, but this year’s goal is a gold medal at the National Sports Festival,” he said.

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