The wife with tears in her eyes, the interpreter is crying… Subero’s farewell message “Please invite me to the championship party”

Love and gratitude to Team Hanwha, players like sons, and fans. Coach Subero smiled broadly, saying, “If Hanwha wins, please invite me to the championship party.”

Hanwha Eagles manager Carlos Subero left after living in Korea for two years.

Incheon Airport on the afternoon of the 13th. Director Subero held his wife’s hand and entered the departure hall. The Hanwha Eagles sacked head coach Subero on the 11th and appointed Choi Won-ho as Hanwha’s new head coach. Two days later, on the 13th, coach Subero arrived at Incheon Airport to leave Korea and said goodbye to the players and fans he had been with.

Director Subero said, “As there are those who plant seeds and those who reap them, my role was to plant seeds while sweating in silence. In the process, I am grateful that the project was successfully completed without being shaken by external pressure. A big mistake is the relationship with my many sons. There have been many breakups over the course of my career as a manager, but none has been as heartbreaking as this one. It was so hard to part with the players I treated as sons.”

He also delivered a message to the players. “When you live your life, growth as a player and as a person does not happen overnight. There is always a process, and I am grateful for following along. I hope that you will always live and grow as a player with faith. I hope you live your life. Hanwha is ready to become a strong team. The players still have a lot of areas to grow, but I hope they grow further and become a team that laughs together.”

He also did not forget to say thank you to the fans. “As a baseball player, I have been to many places, but Hanwha was special. It reminded me of my hometown, Canacas, Venezuela. I couldn’t meet the fans because I was 19, but the passion of the fans I met last year and this year was amazing. Especially this year, the fan spirit was incredible. I was trailing by 17 points, but the shouts of joy that I got a kick out walk and the cheers of the fans who lost the game. Even after this, I can’t forget the love of the fans waiting in front of the bus. I guarantee that the Hanwha Eagles will be a good team. I’ve received a lot of messages on Instagram. I haven’t read them all yet, but I’ll make sure to take the time to reply. Always in hard times and good times. I hope you will support Hanwha.”

The wife who watched until the end was in tears.
Interpreter Lee Hyeon-jae, who translated Subero’s farewell message into Korean, was unable to speak for a while and was in tears. Director Subero’s wife, who had been watching from her side all along, also brought tears to her eyes. Director Subero’s farewell message with a smile on his face made a big impact on the fans as well.토스카지노

Coach Subero hugged each and every member of the Hanwha team and said, “If Hanwha wins, please invite me to the championship party. I want to share the joy with you.” He was Subero’s last greeting after planting the seeds and confirming that strong sprouts were growing.

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