“The worst game I’ve ever seen-compensate the fans” Tottenham ‘catastrophe’ → former national team exploded

“The worst in Tottenham’s game.”

Tottenham is playing an away match against Newcastle in the 2022-2023 English Premier League (EPL) round 32 at St. James Park in Newcastle, England from 10:00 pm (hereinafter Korean time) on the 23rd.

Tottenham, who trailed 0-5 in the first half, seeks a turnaround in the second half. However, the second half is also being pulled to 1-6.

In an important game with 4th place at stake, Tottenham gave up the opening goal in the first minute. Newcastle’s Murphy drove the ball into the middle from near the edge of the Tottenham box. In the process, he beat four Tottenham players. After that, he immediately shot and split Tottenham’s net.

Tottenham conceded an additional goal four minutes later. This time, he gave up a goal to Joe Ellinton. Tottenham’s four-back completely collapsed. A long pass coming from the rear was received by Ellinton, tearing down the back space of Tottenham, and completed a multi-goal. 

Afterwards, Tottenham was hit by a mid-range shot by Murphy, the “leader of the opening goal,” in the 8th minute of the first half. 

Tottenham collapsed. Conceded 2 more goals. In the 19th and 21st minutes of the first half, Isaac scored two goals. Isaac scored a goal with a cross coming from the left, and then broke the Tottenham defense from the right side of the box and scored multiple goals in two minutes. 

The first half ended with Tottenham trailing 0-5. 

In the 4th minute of the second half, Kane’s recovery goal broke out, but Tottenham gave up another goal in the 22nd minute of the second half. Wilson scored the goal.

Former England winger Chris Waddle told the BBC after the first half that it was “the worst Tottenham game I’ve ever seen” and that “(Tottenham) should compensate the fans who came to watch the away game.”

He added,메이저놀이터 “Tottenham thinks of itself as a ‘Big 4’ club. It’s embarrassing.” 

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