The Wrigley Field display board surprised me, a 147m cannon that even a drug dealer couldn’t hit

The second far-flying ‘moonshot’ in the major leagues this season broke out.

Seattle Mariners left-hander Jared Kelnick fired a 482-foot (147m) cannon.

On the 13th (Korean time) in an away game against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field, Kellnick hit a solo home run in the middle of the month with no runners in the top of the 8th inning leading 4-1. He kicked up a 97.6 mph fastball that cut into the low strike zone in the middle of the third pitch of right-hander Julian Meriweathers. The ball went well over the right side of the fence in the middle of Wrigley Field and hit the crowd in front of the scoreboard.

Statcast measured the home run at a launch angle of 31 degrees, an exit velocity of 111.7 mph, and a distance of 482 feet. evaluated that ‘Kelnick did it easily’, saying, ‘I’ve rarely seen a batter hit a home run in the second crowd under the Wrigley Field signboard.’

After the game, Kelnick said, “I think it’s the farthest ball I’ve ever sent in my life.”

“It flew the farthest in the middle,” Seattle manager Scott Service said. “The wind was clearly blowing outfield, but it was a ball that was smoky. I have never seen a relative,” he admired.

Service played for the Cubs from 1995 to 1998. At the dawn of the steroid era, teammate Sosa emerged as the best home run hitter in the major leagues.

This home run by Kelnick is the second-highest distance among home runs from Wrigley Field. In Game 4 of the 2017 National League Championship Series,카지노사이트 Wilson Contreras hit a 491-foot home run.

It is the longest home run ever hit by a Seattle player. It far surpassed Mike Zunino’s 470 feet in 2017.

It is also the second-longest home run of the season. New York Yankees Giancarlos Stanton hit a 485-foot home run against San Francisco Giants Ross Stripling at Yankee Stadium on April 3.

Seattle broke away from a three-game losing streak by winning 5-2 with two home runs by Kelnick and Teoska Hernandez.

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