“They said he was a newly discharged soldier…” The anger of the owner of a soup restaurant

A soup restaurant in Gyeonggi-do was suspended for selling alcohol to a minor who pretended to be a soldier.

Recently, photos of Kongnamul Gukbap Restaurant located in Sanbon-dong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do have spread through various online communities. The photo shows a store with the entrance blocked with yellow tape and a yellow notice posted.

In the notice, the store owner said, “We have decided to suspend business for a while due to the mistake of believing the lie of a minor who said he was a newly discharged soldier. Going forward, we will work hard to prevent people from trusting old-looking faces and do thorough안전놀이터 ID checks.”

He continued, “You minors who came last November and lied and went unpunished. Thanks to you, five heads of families lost their livelihoods.”

He added, “You may not think anything of it now because you are immature, but I hope you remember the mistakes you will make when you grow older and become adults.”

The store appears to have been suspended for 60 days in mid-July. Accordingly, business will begin again from mid-September. According to Article 44 of the Food Sanitation Act, providing alcohol to minors is subject to administrative sanctions, including a 60-day suspension of business upon first detection, 180-day suspension of business upon second detection, and cancellation of business license upon third detection.

Netizens who heard the story poured out their anger, saying things like, “I wonder if this is true, since those who deceived by lies are not punished and those who were deceived by lies are suspended from business,” and “If they cannot be punished because they are minors, I hope their parents will be held responsible.”

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