To the top of Asia… Korean Air, increase altitude

V-League’s first men’s volleyball championship participation
From the 14th, Australia and Indonesia, etc. Group stage
vacant players Kwang-Woo Yoo and Jin-Hyeok Jeong were put in.
Coach Tillikainen “The goal is to win.”

Professional volleyball men’s Korean Air, which was launched in 2005, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and He was pushed by Hyundai Capital’s Yanggang and was ranked third in his ten thousand years. Korean Air won the championship for the first time in the 2017-2018 season, 14 seasons after the launch of the V-League.카지노사이트

Until this 2022-2023 season, Korean Air has achieved three consecutive championships in a row, winning first place in the regular league and winning the championship at the same time, and now it is the era of the’Korean Air Dynasty’. Such Korean Air will compete in the 2023 Asian Men’s Club Volleyball Championship held in Manama, Bahrain from the 14th to the 21st, and challenge the best club in Asia.

Donghyuk Lim (left), Kwangwoo Yoo
This is the first time for Korean Air to have a V-League men’s team participate in this tournament, which is in its 23rd year this year. In the past, during the unemployment volleyball season, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance participated three times and recorded one runner-up and two championships.

16 teams participated in this tournament, divided into four groups, and the top two teams in each group advanced to the quarterfinals to compete for the championship. Korean Air was in Group A with Al Ahli (Bahrain), Canberra Heat (Australia) and Jakarta Bayangkara (Indonesia).

Korean Air coach Tommy Tilikhainen, who departed for Bahrain on the 11th, said, “The goal is to create a lot of experience and tactics for the team by participating in international competitions. We will give many opportunities to young players and make them a stronger team,” he said. “The goal is of course to win.”

However, power is not perfect. Han Seon-soo, the ‘commander on the court’ setter, accompanies the squad, but he will not play in the game. Foreign apologetic spiker Lincoln Williams will not participate due to the expiration of the ITC (International Transfer Agreement).

He may have taken off his car, but he is full of confidence in the Korean Air team. The “Seok-seok duo” of Jung Ji-seok and Kwak Seung-seok, who always protect Korean Air, is holding out, and Korean Air’s power is stable with the addition of rookie Jeong Han-yong.

Yoo Kwang-woo and Jung Jin-hyeok split the setter position. Gwang-Woo Yoo is the main player who led the Samsung Fire Dynasty in the past, and his skillful tosswork is not far behind Han. Yoo Kwang-woo said, “I will do my best to achieve good results as long as I participate in the competition to determine the best club in Asia.”

Lincoln’s vacancy will be filled by national representative Lim Dong-hyuk. Lim Dong-hyeok, who obtained free agent (FA) status after the season, was loyal to the team enough to refuse better conditions and choose to stay with Korean Air for up to 1.5 billion won (annual salary of 350 million won, option of 150 million won) for 3 years. It’s different. It is expected that it will serve as the main gun instead of Lincoln in this competition. Lim Dong-hyuk expressed his aspirations, saying, “I will work with pride as I represent the Korean club.”

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