Tottenham, re-contract with Dyer ‘STOP’ → Wolverhampton Kilman ‘considering recruitment’

Tottenham Hotspur postpone the renewal of the contract with Eric Dyer (29).

The British ‘Mirror’ reported on the 17th (hereinafter Korean time), “There is no negotiation for Dyer’s renewal contract. Tottenham is eyeing Maximilian Kilman (25).”

“Tottenham will not be discussing a new contract with Dyer until the summer. His contract has one year left, but the club’s policy is not to go through until the summer. It’s a strong target.”

Dyer is pointed out as the culprit behind the collapse of Tottenham’s defense. Even last season, the team’s defense, which was solid next to Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea, is similar to teams staying in the relegation zone this season. With 59 runs conceded in 36 games, more than 1.6 runs per game. Dyer, who repeats mistakes every game, is considered a big problem.

This season, there are many times when the focus on defense is weak. There were several scenes where it seemed as if the opposing striker was neglecting the breakthrough due to an inactive defense. The ability to scatter passes from the rear is not bad, but the defender is basically unable to defend, creating frustration.

In such circumstances, shocking news came out. The UK’s ‘Evening Standard’ announced on the 16th, “Dyer is about to enter the final season of his contract, and is discussing a new three-year contract renewal.” Dyer signed his last contract in July 2020 and was due to expire in June 2024.

Many point out that Tottenham needs to change its defense in order to gain an edge in competition with other English Premier League (EPL) big clubs and win the championship. However, to renew the contract with Dyer, I can’t help but be shocked.

‘Mirror’ thought differently. It is predicted that Tottenham will not sign a new contract with Dyer until the summer transfer window passes. First of all, I’m thinking about strengthening the center bag, and the current top target is Wolverhampton’s Kilman.

Kilman has been playing for Wolverhampton since 2018. He was 194 cm tall and was in the limelight as a left-footed center back. He emerged as a starting pitcher under coach Bruno Raz and played an active role as the core of the defense. Having played for the England national futsal team, his feet are very soft. He has good passing ability, and also carries the ball through forward dribbling. He is also fast and boasts a wide coverage.토스카지노

Tottenham’s concern was ‘left-footed center back’. This season, he filled in with Clement Lenglet on loan, but he needs to be recruited in the long term. If Kilman can be recruited, he will be paired with Christian Romero.

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