Tottenham’s dream duo of ‘Kim Min-jae-SON’…’Man United Real Madrid’

England’s Tottenham continues to seek Kim Min-jae (26, Naples). Competitors have increased.

England’s Spursweb reported on the 13th (Korean time), “Both England’s Manchester United and Spain’s Real Madrid are interested in Tottenham target Kim Min-jae.”

The media borrowed reports from Italian Calcio Mercato and Naples reporter Rafael Auriema, claiming that Tottenham is preparing to recruit Kim Min-jae as he performed outstandingly in Naples. It is known that Kim is willing to pay the 50 million euros (approximately 69 billion won) of the buyout clause included in the contract. The buyout clause means that if the team you want to recruit offers more than the standard amount, you can proceed with the transfer without the consent of Napoli.

However, the recruiting process is not expected to be easy. Another big club, Man Utd and Real, jumped into the race to recruit Kim Min-jae. In 토토 addition, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in France is also known to be interested in Kim Min-jae. In the future, Kim Min-jae’s transfer fee will be higher, and there is no guarantee that Kim Min-jae will choose Tottenham. If you look at the club awareness and the money fight, it seems coldly unfavorable to Tottenham.

Naples also plans not to miss Kim Min-jae. They recruited Kim Min-jae as a substitute defender for centre-back Kalidou Koulibaly (Chelsea), but it would be a big blow if they lost after one season. Napoli is seeking to renew the contract with Kim Min-jae. The most important thing is to get rid of the buyout clause.

However, Tottenham also has favorable conditions. The fact that Son Heung-min, a ‘Korean national team colleague’, is playing can have a positive effect. It is Tottenham’s dream that the two work together in the Premier League. The media also said, “Tottenham will use Son Heung-min to try to convince Kim Min-jae to beat a club like Man United.” In addition, if Kim Min-jae chooses to transfer to Tottenham, there is a high possibility that he will play an active role compared to other teams.

Kim Min-jae is regarded as one of the best defenders in Europe with outstanding performance this season. He appeared in 14 league games and showed off his impregnable defense. He also scored 2 goals with a header. Thanks to this, Napoli is close to the top, running the sole lead in Serie A (13 wins, 2 draws, 41 points). Kim Min-jae led Napoli to the round of 16 by playing an active part in six European Champions League group stage matches. In the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he also contributed to Korea’s round of 16.

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