‘True gambling addict’ PL player’s secret revealed, “If I come out, I win – I lose if I do not appear”

“If I don’t come out, our team loses”.

Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ reported on the 26th (Korean time), “Brandford striker Ivan Toni, who is accused of habitual sports betting, bet on a losing team game in which he does not participate.”

Due to Tony’s violation of the betting rules of the English Football Association (FA) on the 18th, he will not be able to play for his club or England national team until January 16 next year. He will not be able to participate in team training until September and will have to pay a fine of £50,000.

Previously, Tony was reported to have violated the prohibited direct betting as many as 232 times. He gambled consistently during his stints at Scunthorpe United, Wigan Athletic, Peterborough United and Brentford.

At Brenford, Tony was a key player in the team’s rise, scoring 12 goals last season and 20 this season. However, his long absence is expected due to his past gambling allegations.

As a gambling addict, Tony didn’t discriminate between his gamblers. The funny thing is that he even bet on the loss of his team.메이저놀이터

Sky Sports explained, “Tony has bet for the team to lose 13 times out of the 7 games he did not play in. 11 times with Newcastle and 2 times while on loan at Wigan.”

The media explained, “Tony only bet on the team’s loss when none of them were in the match squad. Therefore, he is not charged with match fixing.”

“Tony is being charged with gambling addiction. Brendford has promised to help Tony treat his gambling,” he added. “He won’t play until January 2024.”

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