Watching an elementary school student swept away by the rapids, ‘plop’… I came to know the true identity of a brave righteous man

Last weekend in Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province, a child who was swept away by a torrent just in time was found and rescued by a firefighter who was walking near the accident site.

According to the Gangwon Yeongwol Fire Station on the 24th, at 12:30 noon on the 22nd, A (10), who was playing in the water with four friends in Jangpyeongcheon, Jecheon, was suddenly swept away by the rapids.

Eom Joo-hwan (47) of the Yeongwol Fire Department, who was exercising on the promenade at the same time, found Army A struggling.

As soon as he saw the drowning child, he remembered the image안전놀이터 of his 7-year-old son and threw himself into the water without hesitation.

However, while playing in shallow water with a depth of about 0.7m, Group A was pushed by the current and was swept away to the center of the river with a depth of more than 2m.

“The depth was deeper than I thought. I was also taken aback because my feet couldn’t touch the ground. The startled child hugged me and pressed my body, so my head went into the water… It was a really dangerous and dangerous situation.”

Firefighter Eom had a hunch that he, too, could fall into the water due to A, who was unable to keep himself in the water.

Accordingly, after securing a distance from Group A by keeping it away from the body, they pushed the child little by little to the water’s edge.

While fighting desperately in the water, both the child and the firefighting team were getting tired.

In the meantime, the police who were dispatched after receiving a report helped to pull Group A out of the water.

“During the walk, I saw children playing in the shallow water, and I thought ‘it’s dangerous’, so I turned around, and sure enough, one of the children was drowning.

Afterwards, group A and group A’s guardians left after saying “thank you” to Firefighting Committee Eom.

Eom Firefighting Committee said, “During the rainy season, the topography is not constant, such as sand drifting, so it is better not to go in because the normally shallow water can suddenly deepen.”

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