Why did Samseon Middle School, ‘the strongest in the South Central Region’, struggle against Myeongji Middle School?

“We haven’t been able to train much, and it’s not that the famous players can’t do it, but they have good command and skills, so it’s not a team to be taken lightly.”

Samseon Middle School beat Myeongji Middle School 86-71 in the 2023 Korea Middle and High School Basketball Weekend League Seoul Gyeongin Gangwon Group B game held at the Gyeongbok High School Gymnasium on the 10th.

Samseon Middle School is the strongest in the male middle school division this year. This year, he won the Spring National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Federation Match, the Association’s long-term National Men’s and Women’s Middle School Basketball Championship, and the National Youth Sports Championship.

He also perfectly dominated every team he encountered. The difference between the points in the Spring League, Association Long-term, and Youth Games was 39.6 points (94.4-54.8), 42.6 points (101.1-58.6), and 41.2 points (98.5-57.3), respectively. )am.

The smallest point difference among the three lines was the win by 17 points (92-75) in the preliminaries against the Association Long-term Dong-A High School.

Such a three-line middle school played a close match against Myungji Middle School that day until the middle of the third quarter. It felt like taking a break during this competition. However, after the middle of the third quarter, the score gap gradually widened based on solid defense.

Samsun Middle School finished the game with the smallest 15-point difference this year.

When asked why they struggled after the game, Han Kyu-hyeon, coach of Samseon Middle School, said, “The players worked out a lot during the three tournaments. I took a lot of rest after the last boys’ sports event. Also, there were a lot of school events, so I trained for about two days, but I couldn’t train much,” he said. It’s not that Myungji Middle School players can’t do it, but they have the ability and ability, so it’s not a team to be taken lightly.”토토사이트

When it was said that they clearly took the lead after the middle of the third quarter, coach Han Kyu-hyun said, “The main players in Myungji Middle School seemed to have foul trouble, so it worked well to focus on that part. It seems that he widened the score gap by exerting his concentration at the end,” he said. The body of the players was a bit heavy. The concentration was good at the end.”

After struggling against Myeongji Middle School, Samseon Middle School will have its second match against Whimoon Middle School on the 17th.

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