Why is Han Hyun-hee not popular in the market?

 Han Hyun-hee (29), an all-weather sidearm pitcher who played an active part in Kiwoom Heroes, was the only one among A-class free agents who could not find a team.

Han Hyun-hee is a top-notch sidearm pitcher who throws fastballs that exceed 150 km/h. He is a young player not yet 30 years old, but he has a lot of experience. He recorded 65 wins, 43 losses, 105 holds and 8 saves in 416 career games (971⅓ innings) with an earned run average of 4.26. Han Hyun-hee’s strength is that he has a lot of both starting and bullpen experience.

However, in the market, there is strangely little interest in Han Hyun-hee. There are many teams that are not considering recruitment rather than teams that want Han Hyun-hee. So, Han Hyun-hee’s contract has not been announced even after A-class free agents have found their team one after another.

Han Hyun-hee is definitely a pitcher with high expectations. He has the pitch and experience to expect more than 3 starts if he is a starting pitcher and a winning group if he is a bullpen pitcher. However, he ruined the all-important 2022 season. He suffered an injury during individual training before the season and did not participate in the spring camp. In the second half, the pace fell, and he recorded an average ERA of 5.40 with 2 wins and 2 losses in 9 games (35 innings), and in the postseason, he was excluded from the roster from the playoffs.

Han Hyeon-hee has built a considerable career, but it is a big weakness that he failed to achieve results in the season immediately before free agency. Moreover, except for the original team Kiwoom, the team that recruits Han Hyun-hee must pay 1 안전놀이터 compensation player and free agent compensation (500 million won) in addition to 20 protected players. Any team is reluctant to overinvest in a pitcher who has not produced results right away.

Kiwoom, the original team, is also in no hurry. The story of sign & trade continues to come out, but there is no reason for Kiwoom to move first. Hyun-hee Han and the team that wants Hyun-hee Han must first create satisfactory conditions to give them a reason to sign and trade. Kiwoom’s basic position is that the team that wants Han Hyun-hee can pay the price and sign a contract.

Han Hyeon-hee came to the market without delaying his FA application despite his somewhat sluggish performance. It was difficult for Han Hyun-hee to delay the FA further, as his FA qualification was delayed by one year due to the suspension of suspension last year. Because of this, it is natural that Han Hyun-hee also wants a contract that he can understand to some extent.

Due to various conditions, Han Hyun-hee’s contract is being delayed. However, he is not the player Han Hyun-hee will lose as a free agent. He will eventually find his team. Fans are very interested in what team Han Hyun-hee will be on.

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