Widener and Martin too? Abnormal appeal on the side Martin 2G continuous replacement NC ‘super nervous’

 NC, who had a hole in one of the new foreign one-two punches before the season began, this time even a foreign batter complained of an abnormality during the game, resulting in a situation where two consecutive games were replaced. NC is in a state of extreme tension in case there will be a foreign pitching gap at the beginning of the season.

Jason Martin, a foreign batter of NC, started as the 4th hitter and center fielder on the second day of the KBO League’s 3-game away match against Doosan held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 5th. was replaced with Even the day before, Martin complained of problems with his side during defense at the end of the first inning and was replaced with Han Seok-hyun. In other words, he came down the ground at the beginning of the game for two consecutive games.

The team said, “Martin had a recurrence of muscle tension in his right side, the same area as the previous day, when he swung an attack in the first inning, so he replaced Han Seok-hyun at the plate in the top of the second inning to protect the player.” will decide,” he said.

The day before, Martin underwent a medical examination and was diagnosed with simple dystonia. It will be known only when he undergoes another accurate examination, but his heartbreaking atmosphere is evident. Furthermore, Taylor Widener, a new foreign pitcher who had been highly anticipated for his excellent pitches before the season,토토사이트 dropped out of the entry due to back pain during running training, so he could not help but be more nervous.

Even at the beginning of the season, each club is hearing news of injuries to key players every day. It is the attitude of a professional player to do their best to win, but health care is ultimately the player’s responsibility. I support Martin, the 4th NC hitter, to find his condition as soon as possible without major injuries. kmg@sportsseoul.com

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