Withered green ‘megaton class vitality’… KLPGA Super Rookie ‘Blind Room Effect’

‘Super Rookie’ Bang Shin-sil (19) is injecting megaton-level vitality into the 2023 Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour. The tour, which went smoothly without any special topics, with 10 competitions in the season, was again aroused keen interest with the spectacular appearance of Bang Sin-sil.

On the 28th, at the KLPGA Tour E1 Charity Open held at Seongmunan CC (par 72, 6602 yards) in Wonju, Gangwon-do on the 28th, Bang Shin-sil scored a total of 9 under par 207 strokes for three days, beating the two tied for second place by two strokes to win the wire-to-wire championship. did.

Bang Sin-sil, who won the 5th tournament only in her regular tour debut, surpassed the minimum tournament prize money of 200 million won, and won the 10th rookie wire-to-wire championship in the tour history, shed her status as a 2nd division tour player and quickly placed 6th in the target race, They entered the newcomer in 3rd place for the Rookie of the Year award. She also ranked 1st in par average (70.08 strokes) and 6th in prize money (278.89 million won), adding to the title competition in all major categories.

Bang Shin-sil’s greatest strength is her long hitting power that overwhelms her competitors. As of the 29th, Bang Shin-sil, who ranked first in the long drive category with a drive distance of 259.6 yards, flew 280 to 290 yards, including the longest of 320 yards (final round 13th hole) at the Chris F&C 45th KLPGA Championship, his regular tour debut last month. It drew attention. On the last day of the first major tournament of the season, Bang Shin-sil, who competed for the championship until the last minute in the championship group and left a deep impression by stepping down to 4th place, continued a sensation at the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship (3rd place) earlier this month, and in the 3rd championship group competition achieved

It also had accuracy. The season fairway landing rate is low at 61.9%, but in the final round of the E1 Charity Open, it showed accuracy (92.8%) of leaving the green only once, and the green hit rate, which measures iron shot accuracy, is ranked first with 79.6%. Clutch putt and short game skills are also not missing.

After the spectacular first appearance, Bang Sin-sil mobilizes the ‘Cloud Gallery’ in every competition and enjoys popularity “like being a celebrity”. Even in the final round of the E1 Charity Open, where it rained all day, fans followed him with affection to watch the birth of a star.

Bang Shin-sil is now challenging for first place in the Grand Prize and Rookie of the Year categories. The Daesang race, where Park Ji-young, Park Hyun-kyung, and Lee Da-yeon were ahead, and the newcomer award competition between Kim Min-byeol and Hwang Yu-min, received high attention thanks to Bang Sin-sil’s addition.안전놀이터

Fans are expecting Bang Sin-sil to grow into a world-class player representing Korea by winning the Rookie of the Year award and the Grand Prize at the same time, like Ji-ae Shin in 2006 and Hye-jin Choi in 2018.

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