Wonju chose ‘Wonjujuk’ Jeong Moon-hong! Road FC Chairman Jung Moon-hong appointed as Wonju-si Public Relations Ambassador

Road FC chairman Jeong Moon-hong (49) was appointed as the public relations ambassador for Wonju City. Chairman Chung Moon-hong is from Wonju. He devoted himself to martial arts for a long time and built Road FC. Now, it has become natural for the public to think of Road FC and Road FC when they think of Wonju.

In other words, Chairman Jeong Moon-hong was responsible for making Wonju a city of martial arts. Chairman Chung Moon-hong attended the appointment ceremony for public relations ambassador held at Wonju City Hall on the 5th and was appointed as the official public relations ambassador of Wonju City. Chairman Jeong Moon-hong and Wonju Mayor Won Kang-soo (53) attended the appointment ceremony as public relations ambassadors.

At the appointment ceremony, Mayor Won Kang-soo handed over a bouquet of flowers along with an appointment plaque and officially appointed Chairman Jeong Mun-hong as a public relations ambassador. Chairman Jeong Moon-hong expressed his intention to donate all of the travel expenses paid to the Wonju city public relations ambassador.

Chairman Jeong Mun-hong said, “I am infinitely grateful and honored that Mayor Won Kang-soo allowed a martial artist to become a public relations ambassador. I am grateful to Mayor Won Kang-soo, who treats a lot of fighting sports on TV, and has high viewer ratings because there are consumers. I will do my best to promote Wonju in Korea and to promote Wonju when holding competitions abroad.”

Mayor Won Kang-soo said, “Chairman Jung Moon-hong accepted the public relations ambassador proposal. Wonju City wants to borrow Chairman Jung Moon-Hong’s fierce passion for the development and publicity of Wonju City. The passionate activities of Chairman Moon-Hong Jeong, which he has shown so far, are achievements worthy of applause in Wonju and the whole country. It serves as a publicity channel that instills pride in citizens, and is expected to be of great help in promoting ‘new changes, great happiness, and greater Wonju’. I sincerely congratulate and thank you for the appointment as a public relations ambassador, and I hope that Chairman Jeong Moon-hong and the people of Wonju will hold hands and move forward to create a wonderful year in 2023.”

Chairman Jeong Moon-hong was from Wonju and showed extraordinary love for Wonju. Whenever there was an event related to Road FC, he devoted himself to promoting Wonju by imprinting his hometown, ‘Wonju’, on the people. He has worked hard to develop martial arts by inviting celebrities such as lawmakers and entertainers to a road gym in Wonju to publicize the charm of martial arts. When the corona was in full swing, he devoted himself to the development of Korean sports, such as conveying the grievances of the sports world to the government and the National Assembly on behalf of athletes.

Since founding Road FC in 2010, Chairman Jung Moon-hong has been holding Road FC competitions in Wonju every year, striving to develop Wonju’s culture and sports.메이저사이트