Woods, who was lame during the Masters, eventually underwent surgery again… When will he return

‘Golf Emperor’ Tiger Woods (USA) is on the operating table again. It has become difficult to see Woods for the time being.

On the 20th (Korean time), Woods announced on his SNS that “he underwent surgery to treat post-traumatic arthritis caused by his ankle fracture.”

According to Golf Week, an American golf media outlet, one of his ankle bones was broken and he underwent surgery to attach it and treatment for chronic arthritis.

The operation was performed by Dr. Martin O’Malley at the HSS Sports Medicine Institute in New York, and it is known that the surgery was successfully completed. A timeline for recovery after surgery was not disclosed.

Woods said on social media that he is recovering and looking forward to starting rehab, but he has no plans for his return.

Woods was badly injured in a vehicle rollover accident in February 2021, including both of his legs being broken. The bones of his right foot and ankle are fixed with screws and iron rods.

Woods, who has been recovering from a major injury, succeeded in returning to the field with the Masters in April of last year, and participated in the Genesis Invitational and Masters in February this year.

Woods, who passed the cut at the Masters, played the third round on the third day, but when it rained and the weather became cold, he showed a rapid decline in physical strength and poor condition. did. The fans who followed Woods’ game that day cheered and cheered louder every time he shot as he walked limping.

Mark Steinberg, CEO of Excel Sports,안전놀이터 Woods’ agent, said in a telephone interview with the Associated Press, “Woods has returned to Florida after surgery and is resting and improving. There are no specific plans (return to the tour).”

Experts predict that it will take at least eight to 12 weeks for Woods to recover from this surgery.

Woods, who finished the Masters, expected to participate in the PGA Championship in May and the US Open in June after a break, but it doesn’t seem easy.

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