Yoon Sang-hyun “‘Declaration of Baekjihwa’ Won Hee-ryong was hasty… Of course, business must be resumed”

Rep. Yoon Sang-hyun of People’s Power criticized the cancellation of the Seoul-Yangpyeong Expressway project, saying, “Minister Won Hee-ryong of Land, Infrastructure and Transport was too hasty.” Ahead of next year’s general elections, voices of criticism for Minister Won’s 안전놀이터announcement of blanking are growing in the ruling party.

Rep. Yoon said in an interview with YTN Radio’s ‘News Head-to-head Match’ on the 10th, “It is always obvious that the opposition party’s attack is ‘Giseungjeon Mrs. Kim Gun-hee’ . “I think Minister Won made too hasty conclusions,” he said. He added, “The Democratic Party’s offensive should have been approached in that it was a long-cherished project for local residents and a project pledged by the president.”

Rep. Yoon expressed his position that the project should be promoted again. He replied, “Of course it should be” to the moderator’s question, “Do you think business will resume?” He emphasized, “We have to go back to the basic purpose of doing politics. In the end, I want to reconverge the will of the residents again and approach it from the perspective of re-examining business suitability.” Regarding the possibility of a referendum in Yangpyeong-gun, which is being discussed recently, he said, “There has not been any discussion within the party about holding a referendum and conducting a public opinion poll.”The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is also taking a step back, using the expression ‘stop’ or ‘impossible’ rather than ‘total blanking’. Baek Won-guk, 2nd Vice Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport said at an acting press conference at the Sejong City Government Complex on the 10th, “(The project in the situation where the opposition party is the majority) will be budgeted. Once this is established, we can proceed again,” he said.

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