Yoon Seo-in “Child abuse for being annoyed? Joo Ho-min, I hope you understand the feelings of the teacher”

Cartoonist Yoon Seo-in revealed her thoughts on the안전놀이터 case in which webtoon writer Joo Ho-min accused an elementary school special teacher who was in charge of his son for child abuse.

On the 26th, it was reported that Ho-min Joo reported Mr. A, a special class teacher, for child abuse, and in the process gathered evidence by putting the recorder in his son’s bag with the recorder turned on.

Regarding this, Yoon Seo-in wrote on his social network service ( SNS ), “I understand the feelings of parents of autistic children. If I homeschool my child, at that moment, it is like fully acknowledging the child’s lack, so it will feel like giving up hope.” .

“Originally, parents are the last to recognize their child’s autism, so I wonder how it would have felt to attach a tape recorder to the child’s bag and take it out to school and listen to it again,” he said. Wouldn’t it be?” he said.

However, “As a result, it caused a great nuisance, the teacher was removed from his position, and everyone was in a difficult situation due to the tragedy that led to the lawsuit.” I hope you can understand the feelings of a teacher who has become a teacher.”

At the same time, he said to Joo Ho-min, “I hope this situation goes smoothly with a broad mind, like a friend who has drawn a lot of cartoons full of humanity with a stance of living well together.”

However, on the 27th, an interview in which the parents of the special class, who were in the same class as Joo Ho-min’s children, refuted that there was no child abuse, was released through the media. They also wrote a petition seeking leniency for the teacher.

Then, Yoon Seo-in added, “I think I was a good teacher if the parents even wrote a petition, but it’s sad that I was forcibly separated from the children and judged as a child abuser in the courtroom.”

On the other hand, in relation to this incident, Joo Ho-min said, “Since the day of the incident, I have consistently expressed very anxious reactions and fears that are different from usual. I refused to go to school.” We sought outside advice to determine whether there was a problem from an objective point of view, not judgment.”

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