“You’re really stupid” Legend Charles Barkley, why did you criticize Morant?

“Really stupid”

legend Charles Barkley criticized Memphis Grizzlies Ja Morant on the NBA on TNT broadcast on the 18th (Korean time). Barkley is considered one of the best undersized big men in NBA history. After his retirement, he has been active as a broadcaster.

The reason Barkley criticized Morant was because of a recent incident. Morant was at the center of controversy when he was caught holding a gun on social media on the 14th. His friend Devonte Pack turned on an Instagram live on the 14th, in which Morant was captured in the passenger seat, posing with a gun while singing with his friend.

The Memphis team immediately removed him from the team. The NBA Secretariat announced heavy punishment.

It’s not the first time. Two months ago he was at the center of controversy when he had the same accident. In March, he was suspended for 9 games for boasting of a handgun on a social media live broadcast.

Morant is a point guard from the 2nd pick in the 2019 draft, and boasts a history of being an All-Star (twice) and an All-NBA second team. He averaged 26.2 points and 8.2 assists in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season. He’s showing top-notch prowess, but he’s been disappointing off the court.

Regarding this, Barkley said, 토토사이트 “With that kind of money a year… There are rules and regulations that must be followed in life. It’s a simple, straightforward problem. You shouldn’t do stupid things like that. Return all your money if you want to do that. Then there will be freedom,” he criticized Morant.

It means that if you receive a huge salary and are seen as a star by the public, you should set an example in your conduct. Barkley advised him to reduce his salary if he wanted to act so selfishly.

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