YouTuber who got out of the submersible a few days before the accident “The feeling of avoiding bullets”

Business Insider reported on the 25th (local time) that while all passengers died in a recent submersible accident, a YouTuber who got off the submersible a few days before the accident released a video at the time of boarding.

The 30-minute video released on the 24th by Jake Kohler through his YouTube channel ‘ DALLMYD’ contains the journey from Newfoundland, Canada to the submersible experience.

Köhler is a YouTuber with 13.5 million followers. I mainly upload video content that helps people find lost things in the water while diving. The reason why I got on the submersible was to film a diving video in a submersible under the sponsorship of Oceangate.

In the video, he gets on a boat carrying the submersible ‘Titan’ and prepares for diving. The program he participated in was ‘Mission 3’, which was done just a few days before the accident in ‘Mission 5’. In fact, the video shows the image of Stockton Rush Oceangate CEO who died in the accident and mentions of marine expert Paul Henri Nazolet.

However, Köhler was unable to reach the depth of 4,000m where the wreckage of the Titanic was located in a submersible. The dive schedule was canceled due to deteriorating weather conditions such as fog. “If the weather had been nice, I would have said yes when Rush asked me if I wanted to go,” he said.

Rush CEO in videoalso tells us that there is a problem with the submersible, saying, “The communication of one of the two control pods controlling the submersible is strange.” Regarding this, Köhler said, “Looking at it now, the problem seems serious, but at the time it seemed ‘normal’.”

Köhler continued, “I’m grateful I’m alive, but I had an incredible experience in ‘Mission 3’ and met nice people and if I could go back in time I’d tell them not to do it.

” The 4000m dive of ‘Mission 3’ in which he participated was canceled. After that, he only did a test dive in the sea at a depth of 10m and returned to land.

“It’s like dodging a bullet,” he said. “If I could turn back time안전놀이터, I would tell those who died not to get into the submersible,” he said.

On the other hand, YouTuber ‘Mr. Beast’ (real name Jimmy Donaldson; channel name MrBeast ) , which has more than 163 million subscribers, said that he had received an invitation to the submersible earlier this month, but declined.

Donaldson tweeted: “Earlier this month I was invited to the Titanic Sightseeing Submersible. I refused at that time, but it gives me goosebumps to think that I could have been on that submersible.”

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